Got this image in my email thought I would share it

heh. It is funny, but not that hard to do.

i like the concept. any price?

sarcasm, of course

Saw it 4 years ago. That’s just photoshopped for this year.
Funny as hell though.

Man that’s funny, a preschool voting toy

Whoa! Then it works on two levels.

hahaha, thats awesome. sad thing is, it probably should be implemented… :expressionless:

At least you couldn’t mess up the voting with bad ballots. They would be a lot easier to count too. Why haven’t they implemented this?

Those people are kinda screwed up already, there doesn’t appear to be a slot for the “smart people’s party”. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s really funny.

I choose the orange cube.

Next thing you know you’l have fisher price 3D modeling studio’s :wink:

You know, that may not be a bad idea, there’s lego studio.

I think I saw a few of those in the office you register to vote here in florida.
God knows all the old people in this state need something that easy and simple to vote with.

I think they should have a voting booth and a death chamber booth, both clearly marked. The death booth will be booby trapped with a shotgun. Anyone who goes in the death booth would probobly have screwed up anyway.

No, they might vote for a better one by mistake

Hmm… this model is very complex in my opinion. You see… the red ball is small enought to fit thru both the NONE and the INDEPENDENT slot. I am afraid that by letting the ball be able to fit in two slots rather than only one, you will just further confuse the voters (such as me) I suggest a new and easier voting system be devoloped immedietly :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with valarking. Booby traps are good :slight_smile:

Yeah, me too, but it couldn’t be a shotgun. With the number of people who’d go into that booth there’d have to be someone there constantly reloading it.

You’d need something like a chaingun that reloads itself.

Hmm… a chain shotgun…

Just a spiked hole with pressured water drainage (clean the pieces) would do. Shotgun is too messy, and chaingun could not kill in one shot.

my 2 cents :stuck_out_tongue:


how about a trap door that sends them into a pit of rabid dogs? I realize that this is not as quick and a little more cruel but it wouldnt be messy and you wouldnt even have to feed the dogs because they’d get more than their fill.

Dante, I like your thinking.