Goth girl WIP

Latest update:

I’m working on a gothic style girl, only the face is done at this point


beautiful work !!!

added some decorations

I have no idea what background will suit her. Anyone has any suggestions ?

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How long time did it take to make ?

As cliche as it is a grave yard or an old forest suits goths pretty well. A picnic in a cemetery is a classic goth outing.

I don’t know, I didn’t measure the time for this project, and I wasted a lot of time tweaking not so important details.

Added the fabric in the back.
The skin details is a mix of procedural and hand painting, I ended up creating a 2D voronoi texture for the skin pores.

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Lovely artwork,
It bothers me though that her head is so big like it is much more stylised character then it should be. Or maybe its just her face that makes her look like shes in her 30’s while she keeps propotions of a child.
Anyway if you want to keep her head that big you might consider making her hands bigger as well.

You are right, I focused too much on the details and forgot to check the overall.
Gotta make the head smaller

how did you get such clear eyes?
can you show topo and material

also is it real 3d or just 2D for the iris inside ?

looking very nice
happy cl

Glass material with caustic render slowly, you gotta turn off refraction caustic or use the “light path” node to make a cheating glass material.
The eyes in this artwork is a glass shader only to the camera and transmission rays, for other rays, it’s just a transparent.
The eyes textures are procedural, it has 3 layers and fake ambient occlusion to give it an illusion of depth

removed by popular demand