Gothic Chick

I’m attempting another challenge over at the threedy forums again.

 -The concept sketches given, for the contest can be found on this thread

 -And here is my progress so far

If anyone has any critiques/advice they would be appreciated. (don’t go easy on me or any thing I’m trying to learn and get better)

I added some wrinkles to hopefully make it look like shes wearing some sort of rubber suit, going to bed now, will have more tommorrow

My only crit would be that the breasts look like there just flopping around, not held in by the spandex or latex or whatever. They need to be flattened, but held firmly. You could fix it be moving the nipple a little bit. Outside of that is pretty good.

Yeah I’m kinda torn on the breasts though, cause I’m trying to model them like the concept sketch

You model looks awesome! I’m pretty new to meshes. (used to do a lot of CSG back in the day, just got back into modeling after over a decade) What is the technique that you are using called? Are you are drawing vectors, and connecting them later?

Honestly, I’m not really sure that theres a technique.
I usually start off from the side view and draw the profile, with as little vertices as possible, then I go to the front view and start extruding(example would be the brow lines)
I try to get the basic shape of the object built with as few verts as possible then I start adding detail, and use a few techiniques I’ve seen people using when box modeling.

-basically it’s all vert by vert

My only crit thus far is, that her ear seems to be too close of her eye on the side view of your concept drawing. The aprox lenght between the corner of the eye and the ear is about the widith of palm.

The concept sketches were given by the moderator running the challenge, they were not drawn by myself

Ah, never mind then… It seems I missed that line from your original post. :smiley:

The wrists look like ther are very pinched, like shes been wearing a steel wristband that slowly shrinks her wrist size down. They can’t support the weight of her hands, and the concept art shows normal sized wrists.

I am not assuming you are finished, but I think you need to put some work in on the general hand area. Fixing the proportion of the wrist should be a first priority. Second I would consider focusing on the connection between the thumb and the hand as the thumb is too thick at the connection.

Good work so far, and I don’t know what you changed about the breasts besides material, but they look better. Good Job!

Thanks for the comments.

Yeah I’m not to great at hands, I will play with them a lot more. I kinda just modeled them while looking at some hands, his orthos had hands curled on the side image, and straight out on the front view, this kinda screws me up.

I moved some verts around at the breasts, trying to get them to look more round