'Gothic Rose' 2009 Adelaide Uni Short Film Festival Entry

Last year I placed first in the Adelaide Uni Film Festival (this thread), this year I got 3rd place! Not to bad considering all the issues I had making this one :wink:

I entered a 5min long animation (half game art demonstration, half time lapse) called ‘Gothic Rose’. Note that the theme for the contest was ‘Life looks different though a Gothic lens’


I had a different project in mind, but by the final day before all entries were due I worked out I wouldn’t have anything worth submitting finished. So I quickly put together the Gothic statue scene (using the statue I’d made for the different project idea), and spent the whole final day modeling the Gothic rose (while recording both the screen and real video for the time lapse) Then I slugged it out till 3am that night editing and putting it together in just one day (total).
It was a plan crazy enough to work… And I think it worked out ok in the end :spin:

Thanks to Christiaan Bakker (AniCator) for his awesome music, which was perfect. I received a lot of positive feedback and comments on the music alone. :smiley: There was also a massive turnout this year, the theater was packed with people, pretty much no one turned up to watch the entries last year.

So the third place prizes included:

  • Work Experience with a local 2D/3D visual effects and animation company
  • Membership to Adelaide Cinematique
  • And a bluetooth ‘Dongle’

I’m especially happy with the work experience, for a few reasons, definitely looking forward to that.

Watch the entry here on Youtube:

Feel free to C&C

Some more Screenshots:

First and final bump before I let this die!

Crits and comments welcome!

I watched it man! I don’t know why people don’t have the decency to comment, good or bad, out of 100 views you’d think someone would. The animation was O.K. I liked the angles and the crazy lighting, but it certainly did not tell any story to me. The making of bit, was handled in a very classic and interesting way. As a director, you get my props.

Thanks N00BIE!
I know it doesn’t really tell a story, I didn’t have time to work one out and then animate it all unfortunately. Thats why I wrote in the title that its a ‘demonstration’ :wink:

But thanks for the comment, I’m glad you liked the ‘making of’ bit. :cool:

Well, to be honest the animation was pretty boring. Although the making of the rose was pretty interesting to see. The final model of it looked pretty good though I’m not fond of the statue or whatever. But like it was said before the lighting was kind of cool. Keep up the good work :smiley:

Keeping in mind that was one day of work I’m impressed. Pity your other idea didn’t turn out time wise. Many competitions I’ve entered I don’t finish just from time.

Work experience eh? :eyebrowlift2: