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Hello Grease Pencil animators!

I would like to introduce my new add-on which adds many useful features helping in drawn animation worfkflow, among others there are:

“Drawing with Hints” option (equivalent of Guided Drawing in OpenToonz)

Buttons in 3D View - for people working with tablet.

Traditional Onion Skin switcher


and other stuff…

It is available in Blender Market:


Now its also available on Gumroad:

Hi putto! I don’t know if this if possible to achieve with this add-on – or with Blender in general – but I’d like an onion skin feature that lets me see the very first frame, as the next onion skin, when you are between the last keyframe and the end of the animation. This would be super useful when animating looped sequences. (Disclaimer: I’m still a bit new to GP animation and maybe this is already possible?)

Hi HCederblad,
You have this option in regular Grease Pencil object data properties - its in Onion Skin settings go to ->Display->Show Start Frame
hope its what you are looking for

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Hey, finally I found good place for “Show Start Frame” option in GP Animator Desk panel.
Its here now in onion skin loops and its great for making looping GIF.
Grab new 1.30 version, and have a fun!



I downloaded the tool and it’s great. Especially the reference drawing tool. this looks very promising.
I have one question though: I tried to assign a keyboard shortcut to 2 tools that are in different modes (draw, which is in drawing mode, and select which is in edit mode) and the shortcuts seem to work only when I’m in the mode of the tool I want to use. In other words, if I press the shortcut for the “select” tool while in drawing mode, it doesn’t work. Any way to get that working?

Hi, from what I checked - fastest metod is with option “Assign Shortcut” of RMB menu but you need to find shortcut which is not in use yet.
The way it works for me looks like this (for example for tools “Select Points”, “Draw”:

  • Im clicking with RMB on “Select Points” button

Assing Shortcut> and typing Alt+1

  • Im clicking with RMB on “Draw” button
    (if its not on “Toolbox” toolbar you can show it by Preferences of addon)

Than again >Assing Shortcut> and typing Alt+2
Now switching between this 2 tools of different modes works as a charm.
You can assign this shortcut for buttons of your tablet.

Hope it helps


Very useful! By the way, in Blender 2.92, when assigning a shortcut with right click, Blender crashes. It doesn’t on 2.93 :slight_smile:

I was testing on my computer on v.2.92 and it was ok - so probably there is very specific bug somewhere.

Ok, good to know.

Love where you’re headed with this

have a look at this

This tool is really soooo useful. And knowing, that I can assign shortcuts to everything that easy is great. My only problem right now is that is seems it doesn’t remember my onion skin colors, which is really confusing, since I usually use Green for the next frames and purple for the previous ones.

If you mean it doesn’t remember onion skin colors as a default set for new GP object - it comes from how its constructed, as colors of next and previous frames for onion skin are properties of a single Grease Pencil Object - not kind of setting in User Preference. For some more general solution I need to find other way.

Or you mean you have your own set of colors which you would like to save for the future in Onion Skin panel?

I was talking about the first thing you mentioned. So the problem is, that grease pencil usually sets green for the last frames and purple for the next and your addon only uses the default colors?

My addon now gives posibility just to change colors of selected GP object,
but you inspired me to add something what could help a little.
I’ve added options to save favourite color in addon preferences and later fastly load it to your active GP Object.
Looks like this and will be in few days with other updates in new version of an addon:


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Oh great! Thank you! By the way really worth spent $14. It’s a great addon.

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Thanks and have a good animation time!

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@putto Hi man! thanks Thank you for creating this great addon!
I’m using Blender 3.1 and when I use the option
selected frames set duration this error appears:

Python: Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\PC\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\3.1\scripts\addons\GP Animator”, line 699, in execute
fm.frame_number += delta
TypeError: bpy_struct: item.attr = val: GPencilFrame.frame_number expected an int type, not float

location: :-1

Hey, thanks for an alert!
Looks it was only behaviour of v. 3.1 of Blender.

I’ve corrected appropriate code - so you can download new version 1.5.2 from Blender Market or Gumroad.
Let me know if any problems with new version will appear.

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Thank you very much Putto! working perfectly now!
in version 3.1
The other versions were already ok!
Thank you for this indispensable addon!

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