GPL License?

I was recently reading an article on, and this is what it said,

“Games created in Blender (.blend files) are program output and therefore not covered by the GPL. You can consider them your property, and license or sell them freely.
With stand-alone games however, any data that is included inside the actual stand-alone executable is covered by the GPL. If this is a problem then you should set up the stand-alone player so it reads from external .blend files. A common practice is to include a “please wait, loading…” scene in the standalone, and read level files externally.
The Blender standalone player or the game player can be sold commercially too, but you have to make it available under the GPL conditions.”

now i was wondering if once you create an exe for a blender game, do you own the rights to the game and can sell it if you choose, or is the game then considered “open source” and you cant sell it without running into copyright stuff?

no idea bro but how do you use blender player.

what do u mean? when you create an exe it uses the blenderplayer to run the exe

ok i mean using the .blend files for the game rather than saving as run-time.

like just distributing the blend file? i dont want to do that because someone could edit it and call it their own

their is a blender player that edits the .blend file so blender cant open it so your games cannot be edited. it is somewhere on this forum.

The exe is under the gpl license, but you can license your blend files as whatever you want. If you just create an exe of your game, then your game is under the gpl, that is why it says to have an exe with a loading screen that just start your blend files externally.
EDIT: You should do a search for BPplayer.

that is only for 2.49

Basically, the blend file is content, created in Blender, and that is not covered by GPL. The GPL is in effect to keep a form of Blender source, which (unfortunately) the Game Engine (and blenderplayer) is a part of, thus, your content is protected, (you cannot, [bar BBPlayer] use the blenderplayer compiled with your blend without subject to GPL, requiring you to release the source) but the program used to run it isnt. As said above, check out BBPlayer, it is for 2.5

Contrary to somewhat popular belief, the GPL licensing isn’t that restricting at all. Some engines don’t even have an option to merge the game data with the standalone player, and just allow you to push the data from a game data file into the player executable. So, this is an extra option.

For commercial / closed (not open-source) projects, it’s actually not too hard to set up - you set the game data outside of the Blender executable somewhere and encrypt it. That Blender executable is merged with a starter blend file that just runs an outside script. If someone wants the source blend file, they’ll just get a couple of logic bricks, heh. Anyway, the outside script loads in the encrypted Blender game data file, decrypts it, and loads and starts it. This should all be possible under Blender 2.5. So that’s another reason to upgrade, if you haven’t.

EDIT: Oh, and by the way, the encrypted blend game data file doesn’t have to be named ‘.blend’ at the end - it could be ‘.game’, or ‘.data’, or whatever you want to name it. You could even place dummy objects of the same size and similarly named to throw people off!

It should work very quickly, and it shouldn’t be difficult to set up. This way it can be closed-source, as well as be easy to set-up. The encryption method and password (if any) can be stored in a compiled Python file. It’s not extremely secure, as it’s possible to decompile a Python file, but it’s better than nothing, and it keeps your games closed-source.

are there any tutorials out there?

I would recommend the Dead Cyborg way. Just zip the blenderplayer and Your game side by side and start Your game with a bat file. Dead simple and no licensing issues! Download Dead Cyborg free and look at the setup.

But some about the GPL;

The GPL don’t stop You from selling Your game (it does not even stop others from selling it). It simply demands that everyone that distribute it further (changed or unchanged) include source and allow people to change it further and distribute it further. It simply protects the freedom of the code and everybody’s contributions. A real good thing.

But that’s everybody else - You, as the copyright owning part are free to use Your code, that is 100% Your contribution however You like. You can change it and release the changed version closed source - The only thing You can’t do is to take back the freedom You have given away on the GPL released version.

If You happen to release a exe with You code embedded it will not automatically be GPL. If You distribute the result You are breaking the terms in the GPL . but that can usually at Your choice be settled with ether stopping the distribution or releasing the code as GPL. Have You made a lot of money on the distribution You may be sued over the money too.

so if i do it like dead cyborg, i dont have to worry about coyrights or licenses?

its up to your choice:eyebrowlift:. btw yeah the dead cyborg is copyrighted material.
there must be other ways to protect the file.

Essentially, the GPL does not prevent you from selling your game, it just requires you to release the source of your files if you package the blend in the blenderplayer. For this reason, many wouldn’t want to sell a game via this method as it would allow a nosy user with Google to distribute the game for free.

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It’s not something that needs to be developed - you can do it right now, pretty simply. I posted a thread about it not too long ago, actually.

EDIT: Blend files are in binary format already - you can just add strings or take values away to encrypt them. Then, decrypt them in a script and load in the decryption, not writing back to the original file.

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Yeah, exactly, I think that someone better on english should write the thread and create a pool to see what the comunity thinks about it, I would myself, but as you guys know Im not very good on it.
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We we ll need to stick that.