GPS tracker inside PC for peace of mind help

I have been using my new PC for months now and I love the idea of putting a security measure inside by installing a GPS tracker somehow. It would basically have a geo fence so that if it goes outside of the range I will be alerted, I have never used one before and I know that some are good for cars as they need a direct line of sight with the sky and putting one in a pc will be a bit of a modification with an aerial or something for a proper connection to the GPS satellite or towers but I think it is all doable. It will have to be on all the time and recharge when the pc is being used while not being seen through my PC case window. What do you think? Does this sound easy do you know what would be the best tacker to use? I am doing this because my new PC is about AU $7,500 and getting it stolen would be a nightmare for me.

It may be a good idea. An example of a GPS tracker is the one they put in the I-computer thing. So if someone nicks it, you can track it. However, I am on the grapevine that some folks have the ability to unlock this feature and you give them some money and they unlock it for you. I ought to know, as I know someone who had the I-computer thing stolen and then this person told me how they can unlock it for you after you give them some money. Not that it was me who done the stolen thing as I gots no use for an I-computer.

This is a software solution and will only work until the HDD is wiped:-

But wouldn’t it also be sensible just to have insurance? Then you don’t need to get it back. You can replace it - with a better one.