GPS14's sketchbook

Current progress:

Welcome to my sketchbook! Please turn to the later pages for higher quality work.
Here’s one of my first, trashy portraits. At least I can say I wasn’t attempting realism.

Here’s one based on a real person, Voltaire. I can’t get the wig right.

Here’s a textured and colored version without the wig. Still a WIP. Before this I hardly ever rendered anything above 400 samples. I rendered this at 5000 samples, and I’m already getting addicted to the results.

Another update.

Here’s another sculpt:

Really nice start. Were you going for the last image on this page for Voltaire’s hair?

Your sculpt look more like blobs. Hope that helped

Here’s another update at higher resolution. I stopped the render two thirds of the way through and painted part of the sky in gimp. I think I’ll call this finished, but I might make a separate picture with the wig, and make it look like a stone bust.

Here’s my current “animation dummy” It should be rigged soon.

Another portrait sculpt.

Here is a bird I’m working on. I’ll add some feathers tomorrow.

A bit more work. Still a WIP.

Here are a few matcaps.

I’m tempted to do more detail, but it will just get lost in the retopo.

some detail in the mouth.

How did you do the feathers on the bird? Also, I really like your dragon.

Thanks, I’m glad you like the dragon. For the feathers I just modeled some very simple mesh feathers, and used them as a particle object.

Some volunteer work modeling for an animation. Obviously not much work on the hair yet.

The finished model:

Here’s some really old work. Both edited in gimp.

I’m finally finished with the retopo! On to multires.