GPU Compute and AMD

I’ve been having problems recently trying to use the GPU Compute setting in 2.83 Cycles. I’ve been hearing that it’s an issue with AMD’s drivers (I just upgraded to a 4GB card with RadeonRX550) that’s causing it. To wit, this is what happens- I click the rendered option in the viewport, wait a few minutes as it loads the render kernels, then this:

After that, it loads in the materials and textures, then freezes my computer completely until I do a forced reboot. I don’t know what’s causing it or how to fix it beyond avoiding the use of that setting or buying a Nvidia card. And before anyone asks, the drivers are recent, so that’s definitely not the issue I’m having.

Actually, downgrading drivers is a common solution when it comes to graphic cards. Sometimes the latest updates brake more than they fix… In fact, you should only update if you really have to.

But first of all, you should look for the crash log, check this:

The name of the crash log be the same as your project file, but with the file extension “.crash.txt”. If you find it and don’t know what to do, you could post it here for more help.

That’s just it, I would if it were a standard “Oops, Blender Crashed and I need help fixing this issue” type of thread. But like I mentioned in the OP, it flat out makes my computer stop working until I reboot it, and I don’t think having to do a hard reboot on a semi-bricked computer because Blender won’t work properly is covered by a text file.

You don’t know that. Maybe Blender manages to save a crash log before total fail. If it doesn’t, then you can also try looking into your Windows events viewer to find the error (assuming you’re using Windows of course). And like I said, as a last resort you can also downgrade your AMD driver. It may also be possible that you have some hardware incompatibility, without some log of any kind it’s hard to debug just from a few words.