GPU Cycle Rendering crashed when monitor black

AMD+GTX1070,2.8,Win10 64

Render 99% stuck about 5~10min then continued,but long time no reponse the monitor screen will turn to black ,then this time the rendering stuck and crashed.
Always linke this ,but I dont want to power on my screen all days during the rendering .Any solution ?

I assume it is a hard-to-replicate bug, in Blender, CUDA, the Nvidia driver, …, depending on the exact combination of hardware, this software components, and the exact setup of the scene in Blender.

I find these things are coming and going with different releases of any of these components. I suggest to update CUDA and the Nvidia driver regularly until you get a version without the issue. Not very likely that you get it fixed in a more traceable way. I just switch to CPU rendering in the time between, but as a hobbyist I’m probably much less in a hurry than others…

I power on the monitor all day and all night , can not close the monitor. So sad.

Even if there is a driver bug that causes blender to crash when the system turns off the monitor, you should still be able to manually turn the monitor off without any problems. System power management stops sending a signal to the monitor after a certain amount of time has passed. This is different from what happens when you press the off button for a monitor. A monitor can be powered off while the system is outputting a video signal.

Say, what type of system are you using? Is it a laptop? If it is, then blender might not be crashing. Maybe the laptop is hibernating while you are trying to render.