GPU not availible?

Yo, it’s me again, giving this thread another shot: I’ve got an NVidia GeForce GT530 graphics card, which I would ASSUME would be okay for GPU processing. Unfortunately, it’s not appearing as an option under the user prefs. I thought the problem might go away upon the release of 2.66, but it’s still extremely unavailable. Please help, I love cycles with a burning passion.

Have you installed the latest nvidia drivers?

I tried looking for those, but wasn’t able to find anything. I’ll do another google, but I’ll probably post again if I don’t find anything substantial

You have to search for a driver for Geforce 500 and look on Supported Products, your card is supported.
If you use windows and IExplorer Nvidia website search your driver automatik.
Latest driver for win 7/8 64 bit is here:

Cheers, mib.

New drivers are installed, still unable to utilize the GPU. And thank you both for the responses!

Hm, I could not find it in Cuda Capability list > but it seams to be a Cuda Card.
If the card is < 1.3 Cuda Capability it is not supported by blender.
Have no idea here. :frowning:

Cheers, mib.

Yeah ive just done a quick search on the card and it a pretty low end GPU, and it only has 93 CUDA cores…so im guessing it is either too old, or not good enough to be supported :confused: