GPU Out of memory

Hey Guys i’m trying cycles rendering first time. my scene is exterior one which is having buildings, trees, roads etc etc. My total texture size for the entire scene is 800MB(all are 2k & 4k resolution maps). When i’m trying to do GPU its giving warning like “Out of memory in cuMemoAlloc”.

My system configuration is
Linux Ubuntu 12.05 (Precise), 4.4.7 (x86_64-linux-gnu)
Pentium® Dual-Core CPU E5700 @ 3.00GHz
1GB Nvidia GeForce GT 430.

Does texture size (800 MB) matters for this error, what the solution to avoid this… Can any one help me…

Thanks in advance


For a 800MB of total amount 1GB physical does indeed look a little short; on top of that you don’t say how many individual texture files that is. There is limit for that in nvidia/cuda world too.
It does look like you need to split up your scene, render separate parts/planes and use compositing to get the final image.
You could try to experiment with newest blender builds using new tiled rendering options in cycles though.

Textures in VRam are unpacked, a 10 MB jpg is a few 100 MB easy.
If you open it in gimp it shows the real size.

Cheers, mib.

individual Texture in the sense, how many textures i’m using for this scene right??? if so i can tel you,i have 175 images which i’m using as texture for the entire scene. Also i have deleted unwanted textures now my entire texure folder size is reduced from 800 MB to 450 MB. but still i’m facing same issue. Even i can’t able to viewport render… :frowning:

@ @mib2berlin thanx for the info. I checked as you said, my image size is “8MB” with the size 4096*4096, but when i open the same image in GIMP its showing “175MB”… So what should i want to do. 175 MB is too large, does blender reads this size rather than 8MB???

First up, CUDA only supports 100 image at a time, so you will have to do some sort of texture optimization to use GPU rendering.

Secondly, when you are rendering, the textures are uncompressed… as in all the raw values are stored in ram… this is why a 8mb file, uncompressed is 175 meg. Do you need everything at 2k / 4k resolution? are there any flat colours that you can just replace with diffuse colours? are you able to convert any to procedual textures?

@ @doublebishop Really Thanks dude. Now i got to know. Regarding Textures i need all textures its very detailed one & i can’t achieve it in procedural texturing. Anyways i try to reduce 4k to 2k that might help me…i guess…

So i need at-least 2GB or 4GB of graphics Card to render this scene right… Is there any chance to solve this problem by increasing my RAM size to 8GB or 16GB???

Of course it reads that size, as it’s the actual working size, not the compressed one; the compression type - jpg, tiff, png - of images is used to store the image.

Also, blender loads textures not being used for that particular layer.

Try rendering on your cpu; it will be slow but slow is faster than not at all. Although you need more memory there too; 32gig is ideal. Not sure about linux, but 4gig of ram may actually perform better on 32bit - windows for instance only reads approx 3.5gig; a 64bit os uses more memory so it can be a matter of balance if that last little bit actually gets used by the os itself.

@@Writer_s_Block :Thanx Buddy… No more option CPU rendering is the only way as for now… Lemme plan properly while doing for next project. Thanx Guys…

Seeing as you have 4Gb in your system computer, if you can render via cpu, yes it will fit on a GPU card…

But that being said, its still missing a fundamental issue… the number of textures, you will have to reduce the numebr to work with the GPU… CPU is fine, just GPU cant go above 100 textures