GPU RAM vs Memory bus for speed rendering

Hi Forum.

I’d like some information regarding GPU ram VS Memory bus. Which is more important for quicker render and performance.


Amount of cuda cores would play way bigger role, memory just need to fit scene in

Thanks for your reply. What GPU have you got on your system?

More cuda cores = faster render. I agree with ComradeSunbeam this is the biggest factor for render speed.

More bus bits = faster transfer of data = faster render. More cars per minute can travel on a road with 4 lanes versus a road with 2.

More gpu memory lets you use bigger scenes. Bigger = more polygons, more objects, huge textures, etc.

Some tasks don’t benefit much or any from gpu. They run on the cpu and need GHz and ram. I think Blender’s simulations are like that. Complex scenes can use a lot of ram during BVH preparation for rendering.