GPU Recommendation

Hello all! I’d like to upgrade to an RTX class video card. I currently have two 1070TI’s. If I’m going to upgrade I want to feel the upgrade.

Has anyone found the best bang for your buck solution? Would that be 1 x 2080 RTX, 2 x 2070 Supers?

I found this site for a side by side comparison but would like some personal feedback as well.

I would really appreciate some community insight, thank you!

New cards are coming soon. I think, corona has made production halt for now.

2080, 2070s, 2060s all have 8gb memory. The speed difference is not that big compared to the cost between them.

Gotcha, sounds like I need to hold tight for the time being. Working from home has already started to make me hardware itchy.

Thanks for the info!

I’d say two 2070 supers are your best bang for the buck.

Thanks @SterlingRoth I am sure it would make my 1070s look like antiques, appreciate the feedback.