GPU rendering help with my GPU/

I have an NVIDIA GeForce 210 1GB. I have CUDA installed too (Up to date too) but I can’t get cycles to render with a GPU and it’s taking ages to render with my CPU. Is this GPU not compatible to enable GPU rendering, or do I have to install something else?

note: Cycles works just fine. I noted this coz maybe you’ll think cycles are not working with my GPU. Cycles does work. I just cant make it render as GPU.

thanks for the help

See here for notes on gpu rendering
Note that for cpu rendering you need a graphics card capable of shader model 1.3, look hereto see what your card has. It looks like it has only 1.2, therefore gpu rendering will not work.

thanks dude! xD you said. <<Note that for cpu rendering you need a graphics card capable of shader moder 1.3,>>
you mean to say GPu rendering right here?

the x10 and x20 series GPUs are absolutely terrible for rendering anyway. Even if you got it working, it would most likely be slower than your CPU.

Hi I’m not familiar with x10 and x20. but how about the Galaxy Nvidia Geforce GTX 260 + 448bit OC

I used to have a GTX 260. It definetly will do cycles.

I swapped it in the other day testing something and it’s actually a little slower than my CPU. However i have an i7 3770k Quad Core. Depending on your CPU it may be a little faster than CPU rendering for you.