GPU softmodding,CPU question


I have a bit of a problem with GPU-s.I have a GF 8800 GT,and I want to soft-mod it to a Quadro,but I don’t want to go through all the bios changing and stuff,so I thought about buying two 6800 ultras,as they can be changed to quadros in rivatuner.
My question:what would yield better performance in Blender:two 6800 Ultras softmodded to Quadro FX4000s,or my GF 8800 GT?
My other question is:does the CPU do a big job in the 3D view,or is it just important in the renders?Because I was thinking of putting together a computer with two GPUs in SLI,but then I have to cut corners in the other parts of the system.So,the the ultimate question is:
would this configuration run Blender well?
-Two ‘Quadro FX 4000 256 MB’ in SLI
-A 3,5 gHz Pentium or Athlon equalivent

Please tell me your opinion as this is urgent!
Thanks in advance!


What does this have to do with modeling?

It doesn’t belong to modelling,I just think it doesn’t belong into artwork category,it doesn’t belong into Blender news,neither into the off topic section,but if you can tell me where would it fit I would place it there.Sorry for the misplacement…

It really should be in the off topic forum.

As to your question, soft modding any graphics card will require you to mess with the BIOS via RivaTuner. There is a very good article in the February 2009 CPU magazine that shows how to soft mod a nVidia card. If fact, they soft modded a 8800 GTS. As to your other question, two cards, in SLI or not, may not be faster. It depends on whether Blender is written to take advantage of multiple GPUs. I do not think it is at the moment, but could be wrong. Since you already have the 8800, try soft modding it first.

Here is the article, although you’ll need to be a subscriber to view:

It may be worth the cost for you though. It is very detailed.

Thanks a lot for the help,I will post these kinds of questions in the off-topic next time.