Grab by holding eg. LMB?

Need to warm up known subject:
Possible to grab a vertex/object just by clicking/selecting/ on it and holding mouse button, eventually moving mouse and releasing the button to confirm ?
W/out clicking->G key-> clicking to confirm …?

Preferences > Input > Mouse:
:ballot_box_with_check: Continuous Grab
:ballot_box_with_check: Release Confirms

ok but it does NOT provide above described functionality.
Still cant move a vertex just by eg. holding LMB pressed, need to press G first.

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Turn on RMB select. For some reason LMB select is not the same as RMB select.

This looks nice, but…
Big part of this world uses LMB for selection and RMB for context activities.
Could it be so in this case also?

2.79b or 2.80 or…?
In both works fine for me. In 2.80 set (select) & use Move tool.
Tried with both select options LMB & RMB.
But maybe you have a conflicting action in Key Configuration settings (mine is quite modified - customized because of too much conflicts and unergonomics).

This is with 2.79b (didn’t record 2.80, since there’s no Screencast Keys addon available)

BTW, Disregard “EVT_TWEAK_L”

2.8x I mean. Yes-maybe theres some conflict.
Btw: would be VERY NICE IF developers could consider:

  1. automatic key redefine IF assigned key conflict with some existing assigment
  2. In 2.8x, key mapping-> search field -> actually cant find typed keys, eg Set Origin,
    no way to find ORIGIN that way…