Gradient background color?

Is there a way to make the background color of a game a linear gradient instead of a solid color?

use a background scene with a gradient plane in it?
think that should work, never tested tough.

I did try that, problem is that that only works if you rotate the camera on one axis only, if you look up the gradient doesn’t keep orientation relative to the scene, it just rotates with the camera.

You might want to use a sky sphere and map on it whatever gradients you want or a shader. Maybe it’s possible to replace background color with a shader ? That way you don’t have to add a sphere anymore.

I figured out how to create a gradient background with a 2D Filter. If you’re interested in an alternative solution, take a look at the example file: Horizon.blend (551 KB)

Something like this perhaps?

Make the camera of the background scene copy the orientation of the main scene’s camera with a script.

search for sky-box

MMk just to clarify that gray sphere is a skydome. I’m 95% certain this is what you need. you are welcome to use it and the texture I provided. I made it gray so you could easily adjust the color within blender. :smiley: