Gradient vertical, need to make it horizontal

Hi, as you can see from this image, the gradient works vertical. I am trying to make it horizontal so that the colours would flow between extreme edges of the bent plane. I am not sure what to change. I fiddled with almost all values I can change. Thanks.

You would want to separate XYZ and choose the one the give the result.

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Hi, you could try connecting the uv instead of the generated and change the orientation in the mapping.

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If I understand correctly what you want to achieve, you could try using vertex colors instead of the gradient texture:

Paint the whole thing black, and end vertices - white. Use vertex color to drive the color ramp in shader editor.

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Thanks for the suggestions all of you.I managed to switch the orientation. I am trying to replicate the MS Office logo colours. This is what I have now. Not sure how I will be able to make the gradient look smooth

you can create a plane, stretch it, subdivide it:


make it follow a curve:


give it this node setup, the gradient will follow from the start to the end of the plane:

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Sadly, I am not sure how to draw such a perfect curve like that in Blender.

you can either create the shape with vertices then convert to curve (header menu > Object > Convert To > Curve), or create a curve, go in Edit mode, select all and press V > Vector to get orthogonal vertices, then extrude to get the final shape

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I am able to create vertices in Edit mode. But there is no " Object " menu. It comes only when I move to " Object Mode ", but in " Object Mode ", I cannot access / see the vertices I created.

The curve created is very curvy even after pressing v


Imported from Inkscape, the curve is now fine. But when I try the curve modifier, it ends up like this. Not sure why such an anomaly. Please see

try this: select the curve, in Edit mode right click and Switch Direction

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In Edit mode it looses the latching and becomes like this.

Tried Switch Direction, no luck. Thanks.

select the curve, not the mesh object

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Tried " Switch Direction ", this is what I have now. I think no changes applied at all.

hard to say, please share your file:

also when you reply to someone, please use the Reply button under the person’s post, otherwise he won’t be noticed

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Thanks. I will try the same :slight_smile:

I copied the link from the address bar. Hope that is fine

so you just need to move your plane on the X axis and you are good, no?

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I am trying to create something like this. I extruded edges to achieve this. But I think your way is more Blender like

Possibly because of this method, I am not able to use ctrl +B on edges. And, I forgot to use " reply " button. Sorry.

And the gradient distribution seems to get stuck at edges. Not flowing smooth I guess.

not sure what you mean, with the file you sent I’ve got the result you want by moving the plane on the X axis, you just need to give it the material I showed

you need to increase the curve resolution though, otherwise the angles won’t be good

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