I know is going to be easy but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it. >_<

I have a 2D plane. I would like to have a two color linear gradient across the y axis in cycles.
Can someone help?

Use Texture as the type of mapping, and rotate 90 on the Z axis in the mapping node.


Okay… but where am I selecting my colors?

One way is like this


Ummmm… wut?
It seems I’m not getting the gradient texture I should be

preview shows the gradient but not the object

Sorry, you need the Texture Coordinate node and the Mapping node from the previous example

Nevermind, just needed to render.
Thanks a ton! This was one of those frustrating things that you know you should be able to do but just can’t. Thanks again

Once you understand how these nodes work, it gets easier to set them up for different situations :smiley:

Awesome. For me now it’s just a lack of understanding of what each node does. I mean I understand the nodes I use often, but I don’t have a big enough understanding to problem solve easily.