Gradients in Texture paint Mode

I’ve seen this video ( and I noticed the person in it used a gradient in texture paint mode. Yet I can’t seem to find it myself. Which made me wonder “Is there a way to incorporate gradients in this mode?”, “Am I missing something here?”, “How do I do this?”, etc.

Which is why I’m asking the topic in question, is there a way to a gradient in texture paint mode?

Rather than having to watch all 45 mins of the video what’s the time code when a gradient is used ?

Are you using the latest version of blender ?

You can always ask questions on xrg’s channel, he will answer if asked. I believe that the build was a GSOC Paint branch, but I might be mistaken. The latest trunk has this in it, since the paint branch has been merged I think.

At the beginning, roughly around 7:45 mark. And I actually did upgrade to the recent build, but it (the gradient option) didn’t pop up at all.

Download the latest build from the previous link.If you don’t see the gradient color ramp then watch the tutorial again and follow what the tutor does (brush menu)