Gradually reveal particle system

Hi guys,
so I have a model of a human walking to which I’ve applied a hair particle system. I want to gradually reveal the particles from feet to head. How would you go about that? I tried a simple way which is, creating a cube to cover the body, applying a difference boolean and gradually moving the cube so it slowly reveals the body. But doing so the cube only booleans out the base mesh, not the particles. Any ideas?

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If this is what you are expecting
the blend file is attached below. Just played with materials and object texture coordinates.
hair.blend (629.1 KB)

You sir are my hero!!! But I have another question… in my case I’m not rendering a path but a separate object, a simple Icosphere in this case. How would I map that? Here is the image of my model. It has 2 particle systems, one hair and one emitter I want to animate the hair as mentioned.

Thank you very much

if this is what you want just use an empty as the material object uv coordinate for the sphere or whatever object you want as hair object. blend file is attached. Please increase particle numbers and bake it before usehair.blend (809.1 KB)