Grand Piano

Started working on this a few weeks ago, and finally decided to get feedback here. At the moment I need general feedback, and perhaps some links to documentation of others who have atempted to model something like this. I find the general shapes to be rather hard to model, so tips are very welcome.

Will be posting more updates as they come.

Nice! I like the accurate number of keys and even the metal frame in there. A lot of 3D pianos I’ve seen haven’t been realistically proportioned, but yours look good. Are you working off schematics?

I haven’t modelled a grand piano yet, but I have a 100 year old Chappell grand that I play daily. The shape looks good, though there are variances with each manufacturer, so we would need to know what you are basing the piano on to help with accurate detailing. The frame looks a little too chunky for the size of the piano, though that could be due to the angle you are rendering from. There are some great references for different manufacturers on google. This picture I took at the Steinway shop in Berlin shows how thin their frames are.

Will you be adding the ornate detail and mechanism of the piano?

Hi, ah thanks, yes from the reference I used, the Frame looked much thicker. I am not basing it off of one reference but building it up from multiple builds. However, the main reference for the body shape is the following image.

I actually started by modelling my electric piano, but decided, that it was a bit boring so after modelling the keys is changed reference :slight_smile:

Decided to post an update on the frame:

As always not 100% happy with topology

Working from a plan view misses the subtle changes in height within the frame especially where the overstrung base strings lie above the midrange strings. The depth of the frame members that cross above the strings are much shallower than the main longitudinal braces. Also think about where the holes will cut through the frame, the topology can get quite messy if you don’t plan for the mesh to accommodate them.

The Fazioli is a really nice concert grand and there are lots of references on google, this one shows the changes in height quite well.

Reworking the Frame:

This time I started from the holes and filled the empty in between. Topology not optimal, but at least the openings will be corrects. Also split the beams from the surface.

That’s starting to look a lot more in proportion, I look forward to seeing the progress you make on this project.

Progress is slow, as I do not have ton of time, but I started with the mechanics:

And here the current status:

Looking good!

Let me know if you want to animate it - I have written a MIDI Sync node for AN.

Keep up the god work!

Cheers, Clock.

@clockmender: Thanks, but as I am even worse in rigging as I am in modeling, I will be happy if I manage to finish this project :slight_smile:

I have started working on ther strings. It seems like no string is like the other, so array modifiers are not very usefull here. took me ~1h for this section. Guess it will speed up once i get the hang of it :slight_smile: Also it ssems from the references, that the 3rd string of each note loops back as the first string of the next note. any piano experts can confirm this?
Any tips appreciated.

There are some patterns to follow, base notes are a single string per note, base to mid range 2 strings per note and mid to treble are three strings per note. Once you have modelled one base string assembly, combine the parts into one model (Ctrl-J), duplicate it and then in edit mode reposition the tuning pin, bridge point etc. A bit laborious but shouldn’t take too long. Repeat the same process for the 2 and 3 string notes. If you are using modifiers on the parts you might need to apply them before combining into one component.

I asked in a piano forum, and they sayed that at least for the treble notes (3 strings) 2 notes are combined in to only 5 single strings with the middle one joining these two notes by looping back from one note to the adjacent note. I thought of modeling these note pairs, and then applying an array and changing the details(lengths) as needed. For the other notes, I will try to follow your advice thanks.

Finally had a little time to work on the strings. Will probably add a subdiv to the srews as they are a little to low poly at the moment. Also the gueards need holes for the strings. And the screws need to look integrated to the rack and not like a protruding mesh.

Would love some feedbck before I continue :slight_smile:

Also here a view of the whole piano.