Grand Tuismo cars

As an idea where can i purchase all those Grand Tuismo high end cars, because cars like the Devel 16, Veyron W16 would make a awesome edition to UE4 and game developing.

You can check these:

Well if they are all compatible with UE4 i am going for it, also make it easy instead of creating a crappy model cars that looks very abnormal.

Oh should checkout couple of the Buidings, one for 2999 price looks absolutly awesome, other one for 3999, i have go words for that brillents, also they both can import to UE4.

@filibis So i was on Turbosquid and had a look at free, just to test see how it works, i saw a drill free download to test the download, and if goes straight to UE4 conversion, but instead it went straight to my files. So it didnt go staight from purchase to UE4.

I’m not sure what you mean. Turbosquid doesn’t have a direct import feature to anywhere as far as I know. It’s just a website that sells 3D objects. You’ll then import them to UE4 manually. Fbx, obj or glTF are good file formats that you can try.