Grandma's Teacup

Just for fun i took a photo of an old bathroom tile and extracted the painted flower motive from it. Then i used it as a texture for this vintage teacup. The texture affects also slightly the roughness value (the darker color - the thicker paint layer - the higher roughness)


Lovely! The curvature of the saucer looks weird to my eyes.

Thank You, usernew. The curvature depends on the style - some models are more oval, the other are more edgy…

Here - a cream holder joins the party! I managed to prepare another flower texture and mixed it with the first one.


They look great. It’s like a photo. The slightly muted colours of the flower is perfect. The green leaves are a little too bright for me. Well done.

I modeled the sugar bowl and its cover, i also changed the shape of the milk pots spout. Almost entire set is ready, only the teapot is under construction


Very realistic and very well done, my Grandma had a tea set similar to this, she would never drink tea from anything but a china cup, on a saucer of course.

Cheers, Clock.

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Finally i have my teapot ready and i can invite you to the tea party :slight_smile:
Here is also an example how it presents itself in a vintage cabinet:

Hope U like it.

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Amazing quality renders! I would experiment with ambient now.

That’s amazing work. If they had a nice table cloth under them nobody would pick it as CG.

They all look great! The only suggestion I have, is that you could try adding a tiny amount of surface imperfections. (Fingerprints, scratches, etc.) I think that could make them even more realistic.