Grandpa's Greenhouse

This is my entry for the 3rd CG Boost challenge on the topic 'Fantastic Greenhouse’¨ that was announced this week. I also had the honor to get the 1st place!

It was two weeks of work + some time for sketching and looking for ideas, the whole scene was created in Blender and rendered with Cycles at 2000 samples. I had the opportunity to play around with Blender’s compositing tools so I did not need to run my illustration through Photoshop. The idea behind the concept was to have a cozy and warm place with a little twist in it.

After this I got more interested in rigging and working with blend shapes, as I believe it will bring more life to my characters, pushing expressions and poses further.


Nice render and details, i love it! :smiley:


Thanks! I’m glad you like it :smiley:

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nice work !!!

That was very nice Juan. I knew you will get your well deserved 1st place :slight_smile:
Story telling is key, technically speaking for stylized it’s perfect. Aaah !


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You’re #featured! :+1:

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love the details! :slight_smile:
but what happened to the dog?


Hi Kenji, thanks for your comment! I actually saw your entry too and was my favorite from the submissions, you really nailed down the look and I love the bloody light version :yum:

@bartv Awesome, thanks very much!, and for the Blendernation landing page too!

@tdudai Haha I am happy you noticed that, that is why the bowl is still filled up with dog food :weary:


A little shop of horrors?

This will be the alternative name :smiley:

Love the characters.

Love it! “Where did Grandpa go without his slippers?”

Awesome work! Love the story the render tells!

Awesome details, congratulations.