Grape Fairy

                                       Stephan McGowan concept

I have done cute work for relax and fun. Quite different from rest of my portfolio
Based on concept art by Stephan McGowan -
Also here is stream how I did it :

All done in blender (painted in sculpt vertex paint). Render eevee.
also you can check my artstation


That’s really really good, I can very hardly make the difference between the concept and the 3d you made.

Awesome job, keep going :+1:

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Big Thanks :slight_smile:

this is amazing !!! :star_struck:

pumping my faith in vertex colour 10x

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that is so damn cool! the way you textured it makes me want to do more hand painted models

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Very well done

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks to all :slight_smile: