Graph Editor and Keying Sets

I have a few questions regarding the Graph Editor and the Keying Sets in Blender 2.5 (currently my first steps in blender, coming from other 3d-packages):

  1. Let’s say I add a keyframe on one frame with the keying set “Location”. Then on another frame I add a keyframe with the keying set “LocRot”. If I now look into the Graph Editor I can see the keyframed properties grouped by the used keying sets. But because I used “Location” at first, the “LocRot” group only contains the rotational channels. I expected that the keying sets would be grouped together once I used the LocRot keying set which includes all Location channels. But ok, no problem, I can shurely rearrange the channels to the LocRot group … but I haven’t found a way yet. Is it possible at all? And if not, isn’t that getting confusing when doing a complex animation? Is it at least possible to disable the auto-groups-from-keying-sets feature?

  2. If I open the Graph Editor for the first time, all animated channels are visible. So I select the one I’m interested in, and wondering why the others are still visible … I have to press ‘v’ to view only that channel. Is there a way to speed this up? I mean, I firstly have to select the channel and then press a button, these are two steps I always have to do when changing a channel. In previous blender versions only the channel I clicked on was visible, like I expect it to be. Is there a way to get this behaviour in the new blender version? Like a setting “Show only selected channel”. I Haven’t found one yet.

  3. In the Graph Editor the only way to change the view automatically seems to be the ‘View All’ Function, is this right? But what can I do if I want to ‘Fit the view to selected key range’ or ‘Fit view to value extents’ or if I simply want to manually draw a viewing frame? Are these things possible? When not, how do you navigate in the Graph Editor when doing complex and long animation takes?

Hope someone can illuminate me :confused:

  1. What i do is key all my keying sets first, before i start to animate. Then i activate “Only Insert Available” in the preferences. Now newly inserted keys will stay in the right channel group of the graph editor.

  2. Did you activate the arror button that is next to the ghost icon in the header? That way if will show only the keys of the selected bone. Yeah, you still have to use the v key to isolate individual channels. But the good thing is, it remembers these settings for each channel.

  3. Yeah, i think a “frame selected” is actually missing. :confused:

hey loolarge, thanks for the post.

  1. hm, tried that setting in the preferences, but I cannot figure out for what it is good for. If I make a key with locrotscale and then later add a key only with location, it automatically adds the key to the location channel inside the locrotscale group and is not adding another location group, regardless of which setting I use. :confused:
  2. the arrow is helping a bit to clean up the view, but you still have to do 2 clicks when you only want to see a single channel (which I mostly want to). sorry that they changed that without adding a preference setting
  3. hope it will be implemented soon…:no: