Graph editor bug - Sine Modifier "frequency" is incorrect

With the frequency set to 1, the Sine should be taking 1 frame to make a complete cycle, but it isnt. it’s taking 6 and a bit frames. Is this a bug, if not, how is one supposed to know how to use this, when a arbitrary “cycle” period applies.

Can someone advise the EXACT figure to use, to get a cycle which does 4 full rotations over 1200 frames, if the function is apparently working as intended, as without answers this does seem like a bug.

I’m not sure what:

the built in function modifier sine has no frequency but uses the frame as input and the complete cycle is done in 2*pi (6.283185307). So if you wanna add a sine curve which cyles from frame 0 to 1199 you should just type he expression 2*pi/1200 into Phase Muliple… saying sadly the expression is evalued and the precision is not the best so it doesn’t fit… maybe you are better served with a driver ? (Because the expression in a driver may be evaluated ever frame?)