Graph Editor: how do I move all key handles at the same time?

Hi all! I’m relatively new to Blender from other 3d apps and am loving it so far. One thing I haven’t been able to figure out how to do is move all the key handles / tangents of keyframes at the same time in the Graph Editor. In most other applications when I select, say, X,Y,Z channels of a given key, I can adjust the key handles in sync…in blender I have to move each axis separately. Surely there is another way? I have tried various alt / shift / control key combos to no avail and have looked around online for an answer but haven’t found one…

Here is an example of what I am currently having to do…but would love to move them all at the same time:

I manipulate handles constantly and it is very tedious to do it this way. Hopefully there is an obvious solution that I have missed. Thanks for any insight!

Can you highlight all the channels you want in the graph editor outliner (where the text is), and then try box selecting the group?

Hi there. This test was done WITH all the channels in the graph editor outliner highlighted. Still doesn’t work. I can box-select everything but as soon as I click on a handle it switches to one channel.


Here is how it works in Modo (also similar in Maya / 3ds max etc), and is what I would love to do in blender:

I just downloaded 2.82a and chose Industry Standard keymap. To my shock it actually worked the way I expected it to.

Great to know! Knew there had to be a way to get this functionality. I had not been using the industry standard keymap…I wonder if there is a way to do this with the regular blender keymap. In the meantime I’ll give this a try.

I’m using right click select, 2.79 keymap, spacebar search, etc, and I had none of the problems you described, and chalked it up to different interfaces. If you’re using this interface, there shouldn’t be a problem. Box select some keyframes and right click tweak a single handle and they all move.

Note that other things that are useful here are using pivot points and g,r,s in the graph editor. You can get different action by rotating about individual origins vs. translating when handles are different lengths.

Update: Just downloaded 2.82a and the graph editor behaves as I want it to right out of the box. My previous example was with 2.81…and maybe it was a little too customized at that. Looks like it’s time to upgrade to the latest. Thanks for the input!