Graphic glitch (black and red) with new GPU


My brother bought a new pc with a nVidia 8600GTS (with windows XP). Odd thing is when viewing your model in the normal 3Dspace, when you move your mouse over any button the 3D view goes black and the wireframe goes red. Idem when you just select edges on your model each time you click it goes black and red.

(We use one of Eugene’s builds but on my pc with a crappy GPU it doesn’t glitch)

Anybody having this problem?


hello snelleeddy, yes i get this problem to but on windows vista :frowning: i found that i had to rightclick > properties > compatibily then set it to windows xp service pack 2,(i think, right now im on my girlfreinds computer lol) but even that still will not work 100%… if anybody has a fix for this please let me know to :slight_smile: