Graphic Novel - The Gatekeeper (Infernum Angelus)

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Nice style - very atmospheric… Can you say a little about how you went about creating this?

Thank you. Certainly…

  • 1st Workflow… Sculpted character using a Primitive and Dynamic Topology. It enables you with so much more control and freedom regarding a desired look and feel.

  • 2nd Workflow… Used RetopoFlow (Add-on from CG Cookie) in order to prepare a decent topology flow for rigging and animation purposes. Good topology generates awesome and realistic facial and body shape keys.

  • 3rd Workflow… Modeling of his mask and claws using standard modeling techniques.

  • 4th Workflow… Modeling of his leather trouser and left arm gauntlet (still a W.I.P) whereby a Multiresolution Modifier were enabled to sculpt added details.

  • 5th Workflow… Baking of AO and NM maps using Blender Internal.

  • 6th Workflow… Added a non-complicated custom node setup in Cycles using the Toon Shader for my choice of style.

  • 7th Workflow… Light setup consists of only a Point and Sun Lamp with different Watt values and settings to accommodate character’s style and atmosphere.

  • 8th Workflow… Added hair strands with complicated settings rendered in Cycles.

  • 9th Workflow… Last step in character workflow included a small amount of composition to add greater depth.

  • 10th Workflow… Added a custom Rig for Animation and Pose purposes.

  • 11th Workflow… Generated a smoke simulation within Blender Internal rendering each frame in OpenGl for more realistic and faster results.

  • 12th and Last Workflow… Using the VSE, I compiled the character, smoke and background images to merge together seamlessly. The original character render and background images were a light blue color whereby I adjusted the desired look and feel using the VSE’s modifiers (Color Balance & Curve). The smoke’s color were adjusted also using the VSE’s modifiers as mentioned above.

Until this project is rendered complete, I am proud of its progress thus far.

I hope the above information shares some light on the workflow I used.

Thanks again for the feedback.


Wow… that’s quite a workflow… and you used blender ALL THE WAY (I was expecting you’d say you used Gimp/Kritta/Photoshop for final compositing - which is totally valid, of course!

Obviously - a lot of this workflow won’t have to be repeated for every panel.

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Thank you. I do use Photoshop for certain projects but not all in most cases.

Thanks again.