graphicall gone?

Looks like pure google ads

Text gone from post?

Looks like pure google ads

Ya, I don’t remember if they had google ads there before or not, either the google-ad /web install got messed up, or somebody may have hacked the site ?


Dang. We can only hope it’s temporary. I love the patched builds!

I’ve contacted zanqdo about this…


I just got a reply back from ZanQdo.


Gee I don’t know that Breast ad looks interesting (joking!!) really.

/me also wants back (it’s still down as of 9/21/06 7:21AM EST).

– J.P.

Good news – currently says:
Comming Back Soom

Hi, I guess it´s time to say something,

Good news:
incdevel (server guy) got a new dedicated server for, it will allow us to control php settings much better and install any library needed for some cool new features.

Bad news
I can´t say its gona be up tomorrow anymore but we are working on it, it´s a lot of work mobing to a new server and setting all the nesesary rights and config files again

I have a dedicated server with php and mysql support.
Upload is 800kb per second.
I have full control over the server.
The server can be used until is back.
You can contact me at
[email protected]

At least!
GJ Zanqdo!

Glad to hear that will return we are blenderheads and patience is our middle name lol :slight_smile:

seriouslley better to have a good job done than rush it :smiley: