Graphics Card & Power Supply Unit

My computer has NVidia GeForce 7350 LE 128MB graphics card and I want better performance. NVidia GeForce 8400 GS 512MB at BestBuy for $60 sounds like what I need. The 8400 requires at least 300W power supply. My computer PSU says, “Continuous total DC output power supply shall not exceed 300W.” It also mentions 3 different output “Rails” each at less than 300W. I don’t have any idea what a rail is.

Do you think the 8400 will work in my computer with the existing power supply?


I fried a GPU and blew a power supply once from running a too powerful graphics card so YMMV.

Yes, the 8400 should work with your power supply. You might want to do some more shopping, though. Found a 8400 gs 512mb for $35 on newegg. If you want the best card for your $60 (and you know you’re going to spend $60), there are some much better cards out there, if you just look (online) for them.

I’d get out the manual for your specific power supply, or look it up online to see exactly which power cables come out of it (on the inside) and use this specific information to help you buy the right gfx card.

I am having trouble rendering some of my bigger files. The one I’m working on now is 3600x5400px 110MB file size and won’t render. I even created 4 cameras and tried to render the image 1/4 at a time, but Blender still crashes, even at 25% render.

My computer has 2gigs RAM and can have a maximum of 4gigs. Do you think it will solve my render problem if I increase the RAM to 4gigs?