Graphics card

Does a fire gl card make any difference to say x300 when rendering in blender or does it all come down to CPU performance

cpu cpu cpu
Sorry message wont let me just say cpu

And lots of memory. And a lot of hardrive space. And anythig else you want. Except having a bunch of free or bundled software, because chances are they have a bunch of crap on it that will take away CPU and memory.

in blender… no.
if you have nvidia card like quadro then rendering with gelato is alot faster but other wise its alll in the power of your cpu & ram (my sugestion for workstations is dual xeon and minimum of 2 gigs of some faast ram)

does blender support dual core amds fully ?

allready have 2 gig of Ram and 300+gb free hard disk space

Well, blender supports rendering in threads (So dual core, yes!), and i’m quite sure that you can find an optimized build, for amd’s.

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