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I’m gonna look for a new graphics card for my PC. The processor isn’t too fast, so getting a big Geforce 4Ti won’t be THAT great. So, I’m looking to buy one for uner $120.00. What are some of the good ones? I heard GeForce2s are good budget cards, but which particular one?

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You know, I believe you can pose this question in Elysiun Chat, since computer hardware, esp. graphics cards, are a big part of CG. Anyhow… I’m happy with my GeForce 2, but I just saw a PNY GeForce4 (MX 400, or something like that) for like $99.95 in Wal*Mart today.


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Hi valarking,

heres some charts from toms hardware that may make it
abit easier to choose :smiley: ,

clock speeds:

and benchmarks:

My wife just bought me the “Gainward TI4200 Ultra650/XP GS VIVO”
with 128DDR for remodling the house over the past 10 months.


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Oh, well, I don’t wanna crosspost, but if any mod can move it, that’s cool.

Supposedly, Geforce2s are faster than Geforce4MXs. And they have more pixelshaders, or something.

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Oh well, that’s for DirectX … DOH!

this is better

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I hate those monkeys

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gforce4 ti4200 are nice (from everything i have read they look just as good as ti4600.)

ok tiny bit wrose but really for half the price i ain’t complaining

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$140.00 for a GeForce4 ti4200 and I’m not complaining.

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Hi Eric,

>Oh well, that’s for DirectX … DOH!

Bygolly…, your right!

thanks, for the link to the opengl charts :slight_smile:


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save a bit untill you can get a geforce 4 ti 4200,… it will definately be worth the wait over getting a geforce 4mx or geforce 2.

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…or save for the GeforceFX :wink:

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Not at $5 a week. By then, there’ll be a Geforce 8

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Not at $5 a week. By then, there’ll be a Geforce 8[/quote]

aaarrrrr yes

but think about it !!!

if there is a g-force eight then a g-force 4 will be much cheaper by then (LOL)

look at the price of a geforce 4 now (save that much money) then go and buy whatever card costs that much at the time. (it will be better than a geforce 4 by then)

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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I made up my mind. I’m getting a Geforce 4MX.
It’s not like the Ti would be all that much better on a Pentium2 266mhz with 64 MB of ram.