Graphics Glitch NEED HELP NOW!

Alright, I have to get this character done within the next ~24 hours. Then I need to animate him. I’ve got like a few weeks to finish the game.

But I have a problem:
My character becomes messed up when I try to use him in the Game Engine. Here’s some pics:

This is the normal 3d view:
Alright, it’s looking good.

Now, this is what happens when I press “P”:
All the normals are facing the right way, all the faces are on “Light”. I don’t understand what’s wrong.
All the parts of the armor are different meshes. I tried joining them, but then other stuff gets screwed up.
Can someone please help me?
I’ll post a .blend if you need.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Ya, you would be better off posting a blend.

Are you using alpha maps? If so, either use Ztransp or separate the meshes.

Other than that, I can’t imagine what would be going wrong if the normals were facing the right way…

(Make ABSOLUTELY sure they are, though.)

Here’s the .blend:
guy_full_new1.blend[offline now-problem is fixed]
Please do not use him for anything except fixing this problem, please.
It uses parent-to-bone, also.
Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I’m not using any alpha maps.
EDIT 2: There’s no textures…Oh well, you get the same glitch.

it’s the classic object “mirroring” problem
You must “apply” size/rotation after each mirror action with Ctrl-A keys
Do that ( it’s better to unparent before, perhaps)
Then, you must “flipp” the normals

Thanks OTO. :slight_smile: But what should I do about the head? It is just one mesh. I’m not on my Blending machine so I can’t test it right now. I will later :slight_smile: . Thanks!

EDIT: I just tested it, it works great! Thanks A LOT OTO, lemmy, and Drewu. You guys rock :D. OTO, I never knew about the Ctrl+A thing! Thanks man!