Grappling Hook?

Does anyone know a good method of making a grappling hook gun? I’ve tried tons of methods and none of them are working out at all. Any ideas?

Well, if you’re talking about something along the lines of a “hookshot”, as featured in zelda games, the demo I made for you (attached) should get you on the right track.

Use mouse to target shot
Click and hold to propel player to target


Don’t forget, I answered your “snapped to normals” question too:


hookshot.blend (136 KB)

That’s pretty clever Social.

Awesome man, thanks. Your stuff helped me learn most of the things I know in BGE right now. Maybe I should learn python so I can do some cool stuff like that.
Also, would there be a way to make it so you can “swing” on the grappling hook as well? I was able to put it into my game easily, but swinging on it would make it awesomer. :smiley:

Converted the blend resource to UPBGE 0.3:


hookshot_mine.blend (565.8 KB)