Grass Dosent get textured (Create Grass Fast Blender Tutorial)

I have been following this tutorial and when I get to the texturing part the ground seems to get textured while the grass remains white

I have attached a picture and blender file. I followed the first tutorial in the video

GrasProblem.blend (1000.0 KB)

You did not apply any material to your particle objects. The material was there, but you did not apply it.

And how do I do that exactly?

Go into the particle section?

Regardless thank you for taking a look

You select your particles object and then on materials you select your grass material for each one of your objects. The same way you give material to any other object. I suppose you have done this already.

Your particles objects are those that you used for your ground to emit as particles, the grass leaves.

Thank you for the help. In hind site it seems like a simple problem

And it is. Did you solve it?

I did solve it

I am glad you did. Can you mark the post as solved? Happy blenders!