Grass field

Hi, I was just wanting to see if I could make grass.

This is my first try at making grass, I used the tutorial from the tutorials section.


I would perfect the grass but, I just wanted to see if I could make it.


Nobody has anything to say about it :frowning:

hey great job! awsome realism…grass has been something ive never been able to do

Something about the lighting makes it look like the sky is not really sky, but a wall with a sky mural painted onto it. Hard to explain other than I can imagine a soccer ball bouncing right off it. Try making the sky fade to a lighter tint / gradient at the bottom?

That’s because it’s grass.

And the field is really short and the wall with sky on it has specular highlights. :confused:

It’ll need a little cleaning up, you should’ve put it in critique first.

dude, i think the grass is superb. good job !

you have quite clearly stated that you were trying to make grass, so i don’t know why these others are having a go about the sky.

the grass rocks, and for what it’s worth i like the sky too !

lol you know i just had to!!! :o

and naa i agree, the sky could have been made a little diferent, witch is not hard but brings better results :wink: i dont mean this in a bad way, just pointing out what skill could use some “lvl-ing”.

ohhhh thats where the new RENDER TEST forum is! I thought I lost it.

I would say the grass is well nice. The camera is at a funny angle towards the grass, so you cant really see the depth of the grass etc. Post some more renders at different angles :slight_smile:

It looks really realistic, but the grass is much to bright. It should be a bit darker.

StaR: It’s very hard to make at a diffrent angle because of how I made it.
Felix_kutt: Love the duck!
Bean: Thanks!
Chuzzy06: I sudgest that tutorial for grass, it’s a very good tut.
Lancer: It’s a plane with a uv mapped face on it, so a ball would bounce off of it.
Cuby: I agree the grass is to light, perhaps I will fix that one day.