Grass Field

A grass field I made in Blender, following the Nature Academy (of course). It was made with the Blender Render (haven’t got round to using cycles yet :P). It is a finished scene, I’m not really looking for critiques because I have no plan to go back and change it, but if anyone notices one or two small things that I could improve on for a later scene, it would be appreciated.

Hope you like it.

Other than the fact you can see the ground close to the camera I think it looks fairly well done…Not sure if the nature acedemy explains weight painting for particle systems but if not weight paint red closer to the camera and fade it to almost nothing the farther away from the camera.

Very beautiful! Great job :slight_smile:

looks great

Good job! I like it!

like it much

Excellent render. I wonder if you could intensify the color in the upper right corner. The sky seems a bit too washed out there. Maybe that’s unavoidable with the overpowering sun but I think that would be worth fiddling with. Or maybe just go for something other than blue in that part of the sky since the sun is so low on the horizon.

Overall, great image, though.

Esentially, you followed a tutorial. Clap clap.

But I’m jk. Excellent render, but could be made better by intoducing yOur own personal ‘touch’ to it. Try adding objects, for example a road and a car in the middle?
I really have no critiques other than the ones mentioned before by other users.


I never noticed that before, thanks for pointing it out. Weight painting is definitely something I’ll do next time. Great tip.

I see what you mean, and it can easily be fixed in the compositor. Going for something else in that corner would be interesting.

Clap clap indeed, haha. I will add my own personal touches to other images, but when I follow tutorials I like to do it exactly to learn what they have to tell me. Thanks :slight_smile:

David: weight painting was discussed all over the Nature Academy because it helps people with low RAM and it speeds up rendering. If you want to try using Cycles for this one, development versions of Blender support strands and you can do grass pretty much the same way. I made a thread in the Nature Academy forum recently where I put some tests and info how to do this.

I do remember it being discussed, and will definitely use it next grass scene I make. I was going to try using cycles but I couldn’t find a way to get the strand rendering to work in the developmental versions. Thanks for the post in the Nature Academy Forum. I found it and its definitely helpful.