Grass Free

Coming this Summer 2016


Beta Version is coming next week :wink: so that you can try it

Hi macio. Images look promising.
Really waiting to try Grass Free beta.

Holy! This will be useful for my scenes. I’ve been trying to make realistic grass but nowhere as good as this.

Looks decent, nice one.

I’ll give it a try when it’s done! Keep up the good work!

Getting error message trying to create the grass with latest buildbot build. Anyone else get this?

Are you trying the addon, right?

This works here in Linux. You must manually add a particle system. Then from the addon add a type of grass, and from the particle systems in ‘Settings’ select the type of grass that had been added.

So, problem is behind the keyboard as per usual! Will try that when I come home from work, thanks Yafu! :slight_smile: