GRASS / HAIR GENERATOR - where i could dl this script?

(niewiesznic) #1

please help .

GRASS / HAIR GENERATOR - where i could dl this script?

anyone could give me link or send an email with IT in an attachement ?

[email protected]


Maybe there is a webpage for it ???

(rwv01) #2

Here’s RipSting’s email add.

[email protected]

He’s the guy who wrote the grass/hair script in question.

(RipSting) #3

Meh I know I should really get anothe page up. All my pages went down at the same time that the official Blender page did… I just did a search and I found this link:

(blengine) #4

ripsting thats your page? awesome man, thanks alot! i dled all the plugins from that page, great collection

(IngieBee) #5

That is great. I went through the page and saw there was a script I can use for my main project (architectural walk through of the Bradbury Building) This building has a cage elevator which shows all the gears, etc… and I hope the wagon zipped demo/script will help me make it work better. I didn’t even know it existed! Unfortunately it won’t download, but fortunately you have a zip of everything, so I’m grabbing that, thanks so much!!! See what you can discover by cruising these pages?

love ya, Ingie