Grass in a box - blendernation header

Here is a header I am making for BLENDERNATION (if i can get the post comments thing to work!!)
There are 2 full size banners and a banner attached.
If someone would tell me how to get the grass differant height, thanks in advance!

I didn’t make this from scratch, it was one of those around the house things. :wink:


how do i make the grass random heights?

you can achieve different highs of the grass using weight painting - there is a short tutorial at:

Ps change the blue background because it attracts the viewers eyes more than the actual object

well, that is the blendernation bg color requiremnt, but i can add one. I might make a wall or something

Oh sorry didn’t know that :wink:

thats ok, lol.

ill update it next week, i dont think theres time tomight and tomarrow i can not use the computer :frowning: all well

Its simple to change the height of the grass. All you do is just increase the normal in the particle window. That will make it longer.

Yeah longer but not randomly Dudebot13…