"Grass Mopples"

I used Andrew Prices Grass Pack and the Pro-lighting as well as a little Imagination :grinning:

I thought i was finished with this scene but now i don’t think so…I added more “Grass Mopples” to the second scene and changed each of their eye colors to give them each a different look. But i don’t know if that helped the scene or made it worse.I want to put this in a short story so i want it to look great. Please let me know! Thanks

It might be worth you noting that your first 10 posts are moderated and it takes time for them to appear here. So please be patient and wait for your posts to appear rather than keep multi-posting, this kind of thing does not endear you to the Moderators… Which is a shame as your work is very promising.

Remember “Patience is a virtue as well as an operetta by Gilbert & Sullivan”.

Cheers, Clock.