Grass not rendering correctly (cycles)

I’m creating an intro video with a nature scene and I am following a tutorial to get the look I want. Unfrotunately, where his grass renders perfectly, mine renders very oddly indeed. I have no idea why or what is happening but it is extremely frustrating. I’ve posted a Youtube video showing the problem and I’d be grateful if someone could take a look and see if anything obvious is causing a problem. The video is here:

The one comment I have on the video is from the tutorial maker himself. I have tried his possible solutions but to no avail (I haven’t tried changing Blender versions though).

If it helps, my setup is:

i5 4670 3.4
R9 280x 3GB
Windows 7
Blender Version 2.72B

It’s fine showing some of the particle settings but misses out all the other things that can influence those particles and the scene/materials/lighting/render settings that also impact the finished result. Therefore for support questions please ALWAYS supply a demo blend file that clearly demonstrates the problem. You have the information but no idea of the solution and the ones with the solution don’t have the information

Did you do an actual render, or just a preview render?

That’s fair but I only intended the video for the tutorial maker and I had followed his steps precisely so, by my line of thought, it must have been something wrong with the particles only.

How do I supply a demo file?


Both and neither showed grass.

Anyone care to tell me how to create a demo file? Or is it a packed .blend file?

Make your grass to grow on a default plane, save file using option Compress on Toolbar, do not set grass particles amount more than 10 - everyone can increase this number to one you’d suggest, file size will be small though. Upload saved blend file to using appropriate button on the left screen side (text, blend, image -> use blend) and copy link which will appear after upload in your browser here.

Meanwhile i’d suggest looking into this tutorial: it has cycles settings and even animation part included, describes steps involved and gets decent result.

I actually don’t need help as of this afternoon. I figured I’d download the lastest Blender versions and, shockingly, it worked perfectly. Pretty weird.

I’ll still upload the file though so if someone can troubleshoot it, it would be nice to know what was wrong (if anything).

I’ve set emissions to 10 (I presume this is what you mean when you say particles?), was attempting to render at 5000.

Except slight material changes and added hair Children… nothing terribly off on a first sight, really. If this is a static image grass off camera takes resources - weight paint off or cut plane geometry helps to save on that.