hello it is nothing big, just grass and sky, but c&c welcome

can you show your settings on the grass? I’m making a similar scene by revamping an older model…


‘Particles or fiber/manual ?’ That is the question.
You might want to stretch-out the sky-map a bit more - some clouds look a bit squashed.



“can you show your settings on the grass” - maybe later

:confused: I can see you like to share…

Some of your clouds is dipping below the horizon, work on the skymap more.

later because i don’t have free time but now i have time and i send it to server
click here to download file :slight_smile:

i can see so, its a empty file

you must have blender 2.41

I have 2.41 and it’s not blank. Thanks for the grass .blend, it’s a very nice implementation of grass. I’ve always wanted to learn how to do good grass or fur but haven’t gotten around to searching for a good tut yet. I just stumbled onto this one while perusing the forums.