well here is another of my learning photographs, this time i testing depth of field, and how aperture size effected it. anyways i was kinda impressed with the result so i decided to share.


Yet another awesome shot, the thing i like about this the detail on the grasshopper. (Ive never seen one like that - we only got boring green dull ones here + its kinda still winter here, so ive never seen any around :P)
Also i love the way the hopper and leaves/branch/flower is positioned on the left side of the shot.
The only thing i dont quite like so much (in comparison to your other shot) is the colors to me arent so warm. But i guess you cant go painting the grass orange :wink:
I also think that if you had a few more leaves in focus it would look alittle better.
My 2 cents :smiley:

Very cool pic, why not add a border around the edge to focus the eye a bit more on the grasshopper?

The leaves are pretty cool, but I think the grasshopper is too bright. You could try setting the f-stop higher next time for something like this; the overall image wouldn’t be harmed by it.