Graswald - News and Work in Progress

Awesome work. I tried several time to connect to Blendermarket but got Captchas without ends, the buy button did not do anything… Could you also make it available on Gumroad? As the fees their are also lower, it would allow more user with lower budget to have a chance to buy it while keeping the same income for you.
By the way, are the 69€ with early bird reduction?

@Yukon I forgot to ask before purchasing: will we have free updates ? I’m mostly thinking about when you’ll have to fix compatibility issues with Blender 2.8 because I actually don’t plan to use it before that, so I may want to ask for a refund and wait until the add-on is fully compatible before buying it again.

Do you have an image showing all included objects you could post (32 species)?

This looks incredible; great work. I’m especially impressed with all the functionality and nuance you guys built into the addon controls. I’ll definitely be picking this up soon. I also am curious about what @ChameleonScales asked: will there be free updates for Blender 2.8 compatibility and such?

Once you buy it, you’re in: there will be free updates.
Regarding Blender 2.8, I’ll start porting Graswald when it hits around the beta stage.


You asked for a list of all the species, here they are. These are all the species and their corresponding variants sorted by package. Each variant consists of typically around 4-12 models for a grand total of 663 models.



congrats for the great work guys!

LOL I think its funny your very 1st thread introducing the idea, you said you created it because you couldn’t afford “Grass Essentials” but then you price yours about the same.

Great job though. I think I will purchase it after I get flip fluids.


Great Addon @Yukon. Can v import our models into the library and use with this addon?


I got asked this question quite often in the last few days, so here are my thoughts on it. I want to stress, though, that I do not own the Grass Essentials, the information of this, therefore, is restricted to the test version that one can download for free, their very detailed product page on the blendermarket and what people told me.

Why Graswald is better than the Grass Essentials (at least in my humble opinion)

First of all, Graswald models are way more detailed and have a higher texture resolution, making them look more realistic. Not only that, but the models are also more accurate. Graswald assets have correct structural plant details and therefore can also be used for close-up situations. For example look at these two plants, left is grass essentials (from their product page) right is Graswald:

You can easily spot which grass looks better, the one on the right even has accurate knots and dead leaves.
Not only that, but the amount of models is much higher (Graswald has a total of 663 models, the Grass Essentials 471 (according to their product page). With Graswald, you won’t only get more different species, but also variations in that same species. You can, for example, either add Big, Small, Cut, Dry or Flower particle systems of the perennial ryegrass with up to 69 model variations per particle system. And also, Graswald doesn’t only consist of Grass and Weeds (and two different dead leaves particle systems), but it also features 4 different species of moss with a total of 9 different moss particle systems, as well as small sticks, wooden debris or needles and a large collection of dead leaves.
But the most important thing is the powerful add-on. Using the Grass Essentials, you have to manually append all the assets to your scene, they will block one layer of your blend file as well as memory, etc. With the Graswald add-on, you can easily add plants within literally 3 clicks. You can then further customize them.
Of course, the Grass Essentials also have some small customization possibilities. This is nothing though, compared to Graswald’s powerful customization possibilities.
I could list all of its features here, but for that, you better take a look at the product page:
There are a few tools, that I should mention though:
-Graswald comes with integrated weight painting options for density and scale, even allowing to use existing vertex groups to create new ones.
-It features large optimization possibilities, for example switching between 3 different material qualities, lowering or adding more detail, as well as changing the draw type of the assets and much more.
-But especially the sophisticated material customizations allow a huge variety within the assets (e.g. Age, Dryness, Wetness, Hue/Saturation/Values, Color and Hue Randomization, etc.).
These are all things that the Grass Essentials lack (and I didn’t even list everything).

So in general, the quality of the assets is higher, the amount of assets, species and variation is higher, but Graswald especially wins because of its advanced customization options!

P.S. I know money is a key factor as well. Right now, Graswald is much cheaper than the Grass Essentials as well…


I have same question as @gopi.vfx is there a way to add my own assets or modify existing?
I understand that to support all addon’s possibilities of customization it will require some complex steps to setup asset but I would really like ability to do so even without “user friendly” way.


Yes. I have implemented inside Graswald a package manager, so it is a bit more user friendly. These packages can even be shared and installed.

Setting up a package takes a moderate amount of work, but I intend to make a dedicated tutorial later today.


what about gumroad? I tried several times a day, always got this captcha page and not working buttons on blendermarket… It doesn’t look very professional, although I know it’s not your fault.

I believe the gumroad page will be up in a few days, there’s a couple things that need to be worked out.

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@Yukon did anyone tell you your “G” logo rocks?
The slit in the grass strand makes it more recognizable and also puts it apart from the letter, keeping it readable.


Haha, thank you :blush: I was not sure for a while, I have like 20 different logo versions on my computer lol! But I’m very happy with this version!

Oh yeah, I remember that struggle! lol

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How to create and install your own Graswald assets.
You asked for a tutorial, and it is finally here.


Purchased it and already used it!

Great ease of use!!

But,… I tried changeing the color of the grass to make it more sere and burnt colored, like praie grass. However, it didn’t change color.

Other than that, its solid, man

Thanks for the labor

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I think Graswald looks good and promising. Still my main consideration is the rendering time optimization, for us who want to use this for animations. When I saw Zacharias Reinhardts (is that you, Yukon?) youtube video about how to create realistic nature with Graswald, the rendering time was 5 hours for a 4k image using a 1080Ti. Which seems pretty long. I see that the models are more detailed than in Grass Essentials, which is fine, but that comes at a cost. Now, making a blade of grass look realistic in a closeup is nice, but more often, and more important to people like myself, is being able to handle large areas of grass and foliage efficiently, optimizing memory usage and rendering time.

I briefly saw that there are three different quality options to choose between, but I am still wondering how much this addon is developed for animation, where every unnecessary vertex in a particle system needs to be eliminated.

I am not sure what smart solutions people have found out there for achieving some kind of LOD in Blender, but it would be nice to hear more from you guys how much thought and work you put into that part of it.