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“You can also inside the zip file go to the packages folder where all the blends are, and then export the assets you want from there!” Yukon can you explain how this is done in blender. Do I need to re-download a seperate copy of Graswald, unzip the file and then what do I do? If you have time or someone else has time to explain. Thanks

I’ve done some research and if I am right, it seems you cannot export obj with textures. Is this correct?

Obj: UV Data and img path are transferable but ofcourse you need to setup materials for your specific render engine again.

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Unzip Graswald add-on.
Go to packages folder.
You will find a folder for each package: Weeds, Moss, Grass, Debris.
Each package folder contains a blends folder.
Species blends are in that folder.

If you know where your blender installation keeps its add-ons, you can do these same steps in the Graswald add-on folder, instead of re-downloading. Just be careful not to overwrite the blends.

Thanks Kareem and dave62.

If I chose CreepingBentgrass what is the procedure? I am going to have to export the object I want and the image files to be used as materials. Would I initially batch generate previews under file… data previews? Then I would have access to the object and image files to be exported to Chief Architect.Thanks

All the materials have been remade with even more physically correct materials to solve the issue that @janbauer pointed out! Please redownload :wink:

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@Yukon 2 downloads available 1.12 & 1.2 with same size, which one to download

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Oops, 1.12, I gotta delete the other one. Thank you for pointing it out :wink:

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What about on gumroad, seems as nothing updated there???

Oh, i see… there are 2 different versions. Guess i made a mistake, so how can i get the Blender one now? Is there an option to pay a difference only?

Blendermarket and Gumroad don’t have this option, but when I’m back from my holidays in two weeks, we can think of something, I’m sure!
Kind regards

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Thank you for your consideration and have a good time.

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You should add the #add-ons and #nature tags to this topic

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@Yukon all that’s missing from this addon is a better Ivy Generator, the standard one to much random to go wrong, (maybe a future project


@Yukon liking my comment but not applying it, I’m confused :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I’m currently spending my holidays in Spain, and taking a little break from this stuff (except some texture shooting), I read your comment and will apply it when I’m back home in about a week :wink:


@Yukon Turn off this App on your phone and go chill we will be here when you get back

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Very nice product :slight_smile:

Is it possible to set to invert effect of distribution maps? I believe it is a possibility in blenders particle system.

Also I think it could be useful to save settings (presets?) to use as settings for later projects.

This is something I prepared some time ago and now got a few minutes to finish it up:

After many requests, I’ve uploaded a free sample version of a few assets for you guys to test out before buying. Get them here:

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V 1.13 Will have some paint tools. One of them inverts a vertex group. That should do the job.

There are many other features coming in 1.13, you can check out the announcements on Twitter: